What We Do

What We Do

CCDP conducts Democratic Party campaigns in Clark County in cooperation with the Nevada State Democratic Party and other Democratic party organizations. We are responsible for building the Party organization at the district, regional, and county levels; registering Democratic voters, promoting civic engagement, and encouraging Election Day turn out among Democratic voters.


The essence of CCDP’s mission is to encourage the fullest possible participation of all Democratic voters and to disseminate the Democratic message, platform and philosophy. CCDP is responsible for officially chartering Democratic clubs and organizations in Clark County. A major source of CCDP’s grassroots organizing is through the encouragement and facilitation of Democratic clubs and organizations. There are about fifteen chartered Democratic clubs and organizations within the Clark County Democratic Party. Please visit our Clubs page for more information on how to get involved. CCDP develops official Party policies and positions and communicates them to the public and to all officeholders. CCDP provides a grassroots forum for the study and discussion of public policy issues and their impact at the local level. We strive to keep Democratic voters informed and engaged, ensuring robust turn-out for all elections.

Who We Are

2017 – 2019 Board Members

Donna became politically active as a teenager marching for the Equal Rights Amendment and in support of Roe v Wade. She spent 30 years as a public employee spending most of her time leading the Department of Motor Vehicles offices across the state, working to improve customer service through training and technology. Once Donna retired she began volunteering for campaigns beginning with John Kerry for President. She works to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in each election. Donna is also an active volunteer with organizations who partner with the Democratic Party such as Planned Parenthood and Battle Born Progress. She loves to garden, growing her own vegetables. Donna is the grandmother of two boys.

Jessica was elected in Febrary 2018 after previously serving as Commission F Representative (Summerlin). Where she was instrumental in fighting off the capricious recall efforts against duly elected State Senators. Jessica works in technology sales and has spent many years helping train sales representatives to become successful and improve not only their own lives but the lives of their family’s. Jessica was born in New York, NY and moved to Vegas in 2011. Bernie Sanders got Jessica interested and involved in politics. Jessica was a Bernie Sanders delegate for Clark county. Since then she has worked on numerous campaigns to help Democrats win up and down ticket. Jessica hopes to help Nevada continue to be a blue state and looks forward to working with people in commission f to make sure that we not only get a veto proof majority in the state senate and assembly but we get a Dem governor. When Jessica isn’t working at her job or working to help elect dems she likes to spend time with her good friends her three dogs. She also enjoys reading and following criminal court trials.

Matt Kimball is a dedicated Democrat and also serves as the Second Vice-Chair in the Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus. Born in Maryland, Matt moved to Las Vegas to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and has remained here since graduating with a degree in Political Science. He has worked diligently on numerous political campaigns. Matt has a long history of LGBTQ advocacy and also served as a founding father of a National Service Fraternity at UNLV. Matt is the 2017 recipient of the Sandy Eddy Grassroots Activist Award from the Clark County Democratic Party. Matt currently works as a union stagehand and is committed to preserving the rights of workers.

Lynnette Hull is a 19 year old Political Science Major at UNLV. She currently serves as the President of the UNLV Young Democrats, an intern at Congresswoman Jacky Rosen’s Office, and your Corresponding Secretary of the Clark County Democratic Party. Lynnette has been working on Democratic issues and campaigns for the past two and a half years beginning immediately after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President. From being elected as an Alternate Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attending the 2017 Young Democrats of America National Convention in Dallas, Texas, Lynnette is honored to represent UNLV, Clark County, and the great state of Nevada.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Webb-Cook, your District Representative A of the Democratic party. I am a 28 year retired special education teacher from the Clark County School district and have been active within the party for the last nine years.
I have participated as a Precinct Captain, Permanent Chair, Neighborhood Team Leader, Site Coordinator, Voter Registration Captain, Phone Bank Captain, Data Captain, hosted house parties and trained high school students to partcipate in voter registration. I am also an Emerge graduate (Gary Gray’s Class of 2015) and a National Delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a past member of the Clark County Resolutions Committee.

I was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. I am the youngest of three children to a single mother. I moved to Las Vegas in 1998. I work at Clark County School District for 17 years. I am a Proud member of ESEA. I am a member of the Clark County Central Committee and the Nevada State Central Committee. I was a National Delegate to Hillary Clinton 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I was a Site Co-Coordinator to Democratic Caucus . I was summer intern for OFA. I was a Neighborhood Team Leader for President Barrack Obama. I made it my personal mission to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

As a native Nevadan and longtime Democrat, I have deep roots in this state and I’ve lived in both rural and urban Nevada.I attended elementary school in Fallon, middle school in Las Vegas and high school in Moapa Valley. I attended the University of Nevada at Reno and earned a degree at Southern Nevada Community College. I worked in the construction management and transportation field in the public sector for almost 30 years and in the private sector for almost 8 years, all in Clark County. My wife and I presently own and operate a medical billing business. As a 48-year resident of southern Nevada, a board member of the Red Rock Democratic Club, and a 20-year resident of Commission “C”, Assembly District 34, and Senate District 6, I have a unique perspective of the area and a strong commitment to the state of Nevada.

This seat is currently open. An election will be held at the next Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee.
This seat is currently open. An election will be held at the next Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee.
This seat is currently open. An election will be held at the next Clark County Democratic Party Central Committee.

Promise to Clark County

Clark County Democrats believe that the citizens of Clark County and Nevada must have a government that places the highest priority on the health, welfare, and safety of its people. We promise to uphold the values of fairness, transparency, and equality for all. We believe that providing a quality education system, vibrant economic environment, and diverse work force is the best way to stimulate small business and job growth. We demand protections for workers and consumers. And finally, we ask Clark County Democratic elected and appointed office holders to adhere to the highest ethical standards and faithfully serve all the people by upholding the following tenets:

CIVIL RIGHTS: We firmly support the rights of all people and believe government has a responsibility to provide for such protection. Clark County Democrats believe that the Bill of Rights should be the fundamental principles by which we live. We support the civil rights of every individual and oppose discrimination of housing, employment, education, prosecution, or community services regardless of race, sexual orientation, culture, gender, age, and/or gender expression.

JOB DEVELOPMENT: Clark County Democrats support a vibrant economy based on responsible partnerships between citizens, businesses and government in a way that benefits the entire community. Believing that it is government’s obligation to promote a vibrant economy that ensures adequate income for all and protects American consumers, we support efforts to put citizens to work in jobs that protect the consumer and the workers, promote fair business practices, and provide for the public good.

EDUCATION: It is our sacred responsibility to responsibly prepare our children for their future. Clark County Democrats oppose the privatization of education. We support full funding of K-12 education that includes academics, arts, physical fitness, health, sex education, and development of study and life skills but oppose any federal education program that would determine student achievement in those areas solely by high-stakes testing. We also advocate for a strong university and college system that allows all qualified high school graduates to get a college education without incurring crippling debt.

LABOR: Protecting the fundamental rights of all workers is critical to a strong middle class, therefore Clark County Democrats support a Worker’s Bill of Rights and the right to organize using collective bargaining and binding arbitration. The greatness of America is built on the hard work and dedication of its workers. Workers are entitled to earn a living wage; obtain affordable healthcare for themselves and their family; work in a safe and healthful environment; have affordable, safe housing; to retire with dignity; and a voice to defend these principles through organization.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: Clark County Democrats support government’s responsibility to protect individuals from unfair business practices and unsafe consumer goods. We oppose the privatization of core services and believe consumers have the right to safe products, equitable dealings, and fair prices. It is our duty to ensure placement of an efficient and fair tax structure that meets the legitimate needs of its citizens through progressive tax structures that both share the cost and meet the needs of core services across the broadest spectrum of participants regardless of a recipient’s ability to pay.

VETERANS: We believe that the act of defending this country is a debt that must be repaid throughout a veteran’s lifetime. We pledge that active troops should be protected from financial distress and provided with the tools needed to accomplish their mission. Upon their return, it is our duty to provide the services needed for them to return to a productive peacetime life. We pledge to fully fund all needed Veterans’ services.

JUSTICE SYSTEM: We promise to promote equal access to a fair criminal and civil justice system. Such a system must respect the rights of all participants while promoting fair sentencing, safe prisons and a comprehensive rehabilitation system for prisoners; protection and assistance to victims; and speedy resolutions for litigants.

HEALTH CARE: Clark County Democrats support a health care system which ensures quality, affordable access to health care for all that does not discriminate because of pre-existing conditions, women’s reproductive freedom, mental health, or ability to pay, and which encourages health care professionals to practice in underserved areas in exchange for student loan debt forgiveness.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Clark County Democrats support positioning Nevada as an international leader in the research, development, education, and production of green energy. The future of our nation and our state depends on an energy policy that will provide energy independence and sustainability. We strongly advocate for energy conservation and the development of renewable resources.
ENVIRONMENT: Supports municipal, county, state, and national action to assess and prepare for the consequences of climate change, regardless of the cause. Faced with pressing environmental issues including water supplies, climate change, air and water pollution, and the loss of nature resources, Clark County Democrats urge cooperation between all levels of government to resolve those issues while simultaneously protecting endangered habitats.